Cream-Balm "Sustarutin Sr28" With Potentilla And Ginkgo-Biloboi

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  • Cream-Balm "Sustarutin Sr28" With Potentilla And Ginkgo-Biloboi
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We all have heard of environmental problems. City life doesn’t have a positive effect on our health condition. Unfortunately, not only mental state of people suffers from it: exhaust, second-hand smoke, low-quality water and food influence the state of our skin, nails and hair in a negative way. We all wish to look healthy and beautiful!

A great way out is cosmetics based on shungite. Shungite is a unique mineral that doesn’t have any analogs in the world. Shungite mostly consists of carbon that is based on fullerene, a unique molecule having numeral properties. Scientists have proved the effectiveness of the use of fullerene for different purposes.

Shungite as a part of the cosmetics composition gives it special preventive and healing properties. Besides having influence on the organs, shungite is used to treat many skin diseases, such as acne, rash, itch and other unpleasant things.

The use of cosmetics based on shungite improves the skin elasticity, smooth it and give it a young healthy appearance. Having a combined effect, cosmetics with shungite can be safely used for preventive purposes. Simple procedures if carried out regularly will help get rid of inflammations and acne and relieve itches and scaling forever.

Rinsing with water structured by shungite gives the hair silkiness and shine and definitely reduces hair loss preventing you from alopecia, strengthening the roots and help you get rid of dandruff. The use of shampoo eliminates gray hair and makes the hairstyle thicker.

Amazing healing and preventive properties of shungite are well-known and have been proved by scientists and in practice. The latest technology lets use shungite in the sphere of cosmetics production taking the field development to the next level. Cosmetic products based on shungite are absolutely harmless and can be used by people of all ages. The use of cosmetics with shungite is completely similar to the procedure you’ve used to and doesn’t require much money.

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