Cube 80X80 mm Polished Shungite

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Cube shape, despite its visual artifice, is rectangular and strong. Cube more than other shapes corresponds the ideas of commerce and business competition. The combination of amazing protective properties of Shungite and magical properties of the cubic form makes Shungite cubes effective mascots that bring good luck in commerce and business, and provides a win over the negative thoughts and ideas surrounding us.

Cubes of Shungite create a favorable working environment in offices or apartments, shields from electromagnetic radiation and perfectly neutralize the impact of geopathic zones. Constant exposure of Shungite cubes levels the body energy, strengthens the biofield, normalizes the function of brain and nervous system and supports emotional stability. In the state of high activity of a cube of Shungite significantly increases the efficiency and reduces fatigue without compromising with the emotional state.

Only one cube of Shungite that appears in the office can guaranteed provide an enabling environment, making people gathered and focused. It is noted by many teams who started using the cubes of force.

How to use a Shungite cube?

A cube made of Shungite (just like any other item of this amazing material) can serve not only as a protection against electromagnetic radiation and pathologic zones, but also as a nice souvenir, mascot or talisman.

A cube made of Shungite placed on the desktop or in any workplace can perfectly accumulate positive energy, to feed you and your associates as needed.

Like all other products Shungite, the cube has a very attractive look. By the way, it is especially well combined in composition with a pyramid and a ball. A cube made of precious Shungite can be a valuable gift that combines healing properties and neat geometric shape. You just need to choose a cube of suitable sizes for you.

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