2 Harmoniser (Cylinder) Unpolished

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Harmonizers are used for different purposes. Their primary purpose is to put the regulating system of the body in order and to restore physical and mental health. Shungite harmonizers can be presented in different shapes.

Pocket harmonizers are small circles or triangles (triangles are usually made of pot stone). Their small overall size allows you to carry harmonizers all the time.

Ball harmonizers are usually made in the form of 35 mm diameter balls. Just like a pocket version, one of the balls is made of shungite and the other one – of pot stone. The pot stone ball is recommended to be held with your right hand and the shungite ball – with your left hand.

Cylinder harmonizers are created for having a bioenergetic effect on the body. One of the minerals (corresponding Yin) is shungite. The other one (Yang) can be made of many different materials, for example, pot stone or axe stone.

Their purposes are to activate functioning of some organs, as well as of the whole body. Harmonizers are also used for normalizing an energy balance. The use of harmonizers contributes to the development of the human ability to regulate oneself.

Shungite is chosen as a material for harmonizers for good reason. Shungite has unique protective and regulating properties; it is used to protect from electromagnetic radiation, to treat many diseases and to balance the functional system of the organism.

With harmonizers, you are able to have a constant impact on active body points, get rid of nervous tension and headache and make up your mind to have a positive attitude towards life. Harmonizers can have a universal sensitive influence on the body and, by the way, they are notable for ease of use. Shungite harmonizers are suitable for everyone, irrespective of the age and health condition.

The healing power of shungite was well-known by our ancestors. A special composition of harmonizers lets easily support physical and psychological health saving money, time and effort.

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