Cell Phone Keychain "Elite"

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The keychains made from this material are ideal for the everyday protection from the electromagnetic radiation. These unique accessories are made exclusively in Russia, the Republic of Karelia. These unique keychains protect from the harmful radiation of modern gadgets such as mobile phones, microwave ovens, TVs, computers and the others. Shungite absorbs all the harmful energy, prevents its accumulation in the human body. This accessory has become a real necessity in the modern world saturated with a variety of gadgets. Shungite clears the chakras and activates the protective processes in the body. The root chakra represents the connections with earth and family, symbolizes the beliefs, security, and stability. Moreover, the root chakra is also responsible for the health of a person’s reproductive system. The material used to manufacture these bracelets is very rare. This Precambrian carbonate organic rock is produced only in the Republic of Karelia, the Russian Federation. The name of the stone comes from the name of a small settlement Shunga where it was first discovered. Many scientists say that the age of the stone used in the production of the bracelets is approximately 2 billion years. Today shungite is considered as a salubrious mineral because of its unique healing and antibacterial properties. It is used for water purification as the filter element, to treat a range of diseases and to protect from the harmful radiation of the majority of modern devices. Some healers offer the extensive use of shungite in various fields that can become a real breakthrough of the 21st century. The accessories made of shungite heal the human body, promote the cell regeneration, hair growth and skin renewal. Its unique properties the mineral owes its fullerene-like structures. Fullerene is one of the crystalline forms of carbon, alongside with diamond, graphite and coal. Fullerenes are known as powerful antioxidants, which prevent the effects of the free radicals. These unique bracelets made of shungite can help improve the immune system. Please, beware of various imitations. We carefully pack all our wares to prevent the possible damage of the products and to provide the necessary security for them. If you want to get more information, please contact us right now.

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