Earrings "The Black Pearl" Shungite

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Since ancient times, people have been meaningfully using earthy gifts. Even today stone accessories are used not only as beautiful jewelry but also as mascots and charms.

Shungite has many useful properties, many of which are really unusual! Due to its extraordinary structure, this amazing mineral is able to protect from geopathic and even electromagnetic radiation that is around us everywhere. Also, shungite can structure, activate and clean water. Shungite accessories worn on the body perfectly protect from any negative impact and even align the energy.

The properties of shungite are very diverse. Already in ancient times, people had a special attitude to this black stone. Local tribes had a belief that the person touching it would receive the power of the stone. Shungite was named “grapholite”, as it is of beautiful deep black color, and it has called like this for many centuries.

Nowadays shungite is still used for making mascots and charms that aim at protecting a person. Such mascot helps an individual keep calm. Shungite jewelry will definitely cheer you up, increase your vital tonus and protect you from any negative influence. It is desirable that an accessory should be in contact with the body.

If you constantly wear shungite decorative element, you will definitely stabilize the functions of the organism and normalize the condition of your biological field that is constantly attacked by the environment. Shungite accessories are often used in traditional medicine. By the way, be careful: don’t forget that you should take off jewelry made of shungite before going to bed and put them on again in the morning.

Shungite jewelry won’t only help improve your emotional state, but also will normalize your biological field and help you stay young due to its energy.

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