Christmas set with engraving "Flower of life"

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Christmas set with engraving "Flower of life"



Mobile communication has come into our lives. Unfortunately, it was found that the human biological field having electromagnetic nature is strongly affected by radiation from mobile phones working within the range of radio frequencies. The radiation from the phone suppresses the human biological field, therefore it has a pathogenic effect on the functioning of the whole body.

A shungite plate (25x15mm = 0.98x0.59inches) uses energy of the radiation of the phone and, at the same time, increases the field intensity. This way, it makes up for a destroying effect of radio waves constantly radiating to connect with the base station (even at the moment when there are no telephone calls). The more technology develops, the more the human body is influenced in a negative way: mobile Internet, Wi-Fi and other “gifts” of the civilization endanger the body.

The shungite plate is used to protect from electromagnetic radiation having a bad effect on the human body. The plate has distinct reflecting properties. It is usually fastened to the rear part of the mobile phone, as the human ear is closer to the phone exactly in this place.

Shungite is not only a unique product in medicine and preventive procedures, but also a unique way of protecting from the electromagnetic radiation of TV sets, computers, mobile phones and other home appliances. Today shungite materials that are able to reflect the electromagnetic radiation of different frequencies are already used.

 Fullerene structure as a part of the composition of the mineral lets use it a display reflecting electromagnetic radiation. According to scientists, the shungite plate fastened to the rear panel of the phone provides 95 % protection from radiation.

The shungite plate is a unique novelty that can help maintain the health despite the numeral amount of harmful effects participating in our lives and constantly rising.

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