Shungite High Pyramid Unpolished 100X100x200mm

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Pyramid of Shungite is one of the most effective protection options against geopathic radiation. Such a pyramid is able to reduce harmful environmental impact and also helps to minimize the negative effect of geopathic rays and electromagnetic radiation: computers, refrigerators, televisions, telephones.

Use of Shungite pyramids
The fact that pyramids of Shungite are extremely popular is not by chance. For centuries pyramids have a symbolic meaning for many civilizations. Because of its interesting shape, pyramid creates a torsion field around its sides and acts like a natural shield against harmful radiation.

Regular use of Shungite pyramids helps to balance out the energy of the organism, strengthen the biofield, decrease nervousness, and normalize sleep. For periods of activity, it helps to increase mental concentration and working capacity. Shungite pyramid controls emotional state, improves the health in case of rheumatic and vertebral pains.

The presence of only one pyramid in the room provides a calm and relaxing environment. The relationship between people in the room gets better, the conflicts come to an end. This is noted by all the people who started using pyramids.


How to choose a pyramid?

Both polished and non-polished pyramids operate in the same way. They differ in the way that unpolished pyramid may collect dust, while a polished one doesn’t. It is worth saying that polished pyramid has a more attractive appearance in any space – beautiful black color matches any interior.

Pyramids are different in size. The larger is the size of the pyramid, the greater is its radius of action. Pyramids with base up to 10 cm are used for protecting small rooms, shielding radiation from laptops and computers.

Simply choose the appropriate type of pyramid above, and click on the image. If you find it difficult to choose the pyramid on your own, you can consult our specialist using any phone number listed at the top of the page – we will help you make the right choice.

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