Egg Shungite Polished 20cm (7.87inches) + shungite stand for free!

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Egg Shungite Polished 20cm (7.87inches) + shungite stand for free!

Just like many ideas that are unique in their effectiveness and simplicity, Sphere for health improvement came to Europe from original China. The balls were first mentioned in the 14th century in the period of ruling of the Ming dynasty.

Skilled craftsmen had been improving their products for centuries. Later the balls became hollow. Plates that jingle melodiously when moving were put in there. In ancient China the balls called “health Sphere” were used by fewer warriors who wanted to improve hand dexterity and strength, recover from injuries and develop such unique superhuman abilities as attentiveness, immediate response and regulation of internal energy.

“Health Sphere” have been gaining popularity not only in the East, but also in the West for many centuries. It was observed that the daily use of the balls improves blood circulation, normalizes blood pressure, stabilizes the nervous system and has a positive influence on human mental and physical states. Exercises with the balls help young people get mental alertness and seniors – get rid of many diseases.


Exercises with shungite balls let keep mental abilities, fight against fatigue and get rid of negative feelings. Due to such effective exercises, the balls can be characterized as one of the best ways of increasing longevity or regenerating youth.

Scientifically, a strong positive effect of the balls’ influence can be easily explained by the fact that there is a close connection between the human nervous system and hands. Moreover, it is known that, according to traditional Chinese medicine, there are very active points on the fingers and palms, and if something impacts them, it influences the digestive system, the vascular system and the heart in a positive way.

Hundreds years of experience show that, if taking the ratio “price/impact on the body” into account, the balls made of shungite almost don’t have any analogs. In our shop you can order such baoding balls of any size you like, exercises with which will maintain your health and longevity.

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