Shungite Tile Unpolished 10X6X1 cm

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The Shungite mineral has top ecological properties. That is why, extracted in Karelia only, Shungite is extremely popular all over the world. Due to its unique carbon composition, it is a powerful absorber of toxic metals, poisons, pesticides and radionuclides. This is proved by the leading laboratories already in the times of the USSR. In other countries of the world, these results are also confirmed.

Shungite building tiles from 1 to 3 cm thick are excellent for interior decoration of premises. They look amazing and provide a great effect on human organism. In rooms decorated with Shungite tiles, people get more vital sleep, feel more energetic and motivated. Since Shungite reliably protects the home from the radiation of household electrical appliances (telephones, computers, televisions, microwave ovens), the psychophysical state of a person improves.

Adults feel rejuvenated, and children are less likely to get sick and able to learn better.

Building materials from Shungite have a shielding effect against any electromagnetic radiation. This amazing property of Shungite is used both in medicine - in the construction of special treatment rooms, and in residential construction when decorating premises.

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