Powder Of Shungite 0-1mm 800 gr (1.8 Lb)

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Karelian Shungite is an unique natural mineral. It is special due to its chemical composition and properties, and due to fine-grained powder that can be manufactured from Shungite. It can be used for treating skin allergy manifestations and other conditions. Remedies based on Shungite powder may have a variety of effects on the skin:

- Remove various irritations, have a soothing effect due to therapeutic and bactericidal properties, and protect the skin from inflammation.

- Stimulate regeneration of skin cells and blood circulation, dilate blood vessels. All this makes the structure of the skin smooth and its condition better.

- Create a natural pH balance, regulate the protective function of the skin.

- Kills harmful bacteria and improves the renewal of skin cells.

- Structured water is accumulated in skin cells, enriching the cells with necessary micronutrients without causing allergies. Also, this mineral, as a strong absorbent, cleans the cells from toxins without causing edema or irritation.

Shungite powder is used in case of exacerbation of skin diseases, redness and itching, allergic reactions in children. It is also recommended to use prescriptions based on Shungite ointment for face skin care and to relieve itching and pain.

Shungite paste is a suspension of ground shungite with water. It is a creamy liquid with grains. It requires thorough mixing before each use. The paste has a pronounced warming effect: as a result, microcirculation improves, all metabolic processes speed up. This way the nutrition of the tissue is greatly improved. Usually Shungite paste is used together with other physiotherapeutic methods and remedies.

The use of Shungite powder is recommended for inflammatory and post-traumatic diseases of the motor system, radiculitis, myositis.

Shungite powder is widely used not only for therapeutic and preventive purposes. Due to its unique properties and affordable price, shungite powder is used in a variety of spheres of human life. This unique substance differs from analogs not only in properties, but also in cost.

As is known, when water is treated with chlorine, radicals of an organic nature inevitably form in it. Scientists have proved long ago that free radicals contained in drinking water have a negative impact on human health. This phenomenon is associated with the appearance of many diseases, including pathologies of aging and cancer. Shungite perfectly cleans water, eliminating particles of a radical nature from it and showing specific activity.

It has already been proved that Shungite removes blue and green algae, spores, bacteria and microorganisms from water. This property was known even during the reign of Peter I - each soldier had a piece of Shungite in his briefcase for disinfecting water from unsafe sources during the campaigns.

Possessing phenomenal biological activity, Shungite can transfer its properties to water. Water, infused with the Shungite or released from Shungite layers, helps to cope with various diseases that arise due to many reasons including consummation of poor water in the diet.

The unique ability of Shungite to purify water from harmful particles and a number of metals is explained by the fact that Shungite water contains high-activity oxygen. Shungite itself can be used many times, because it is prone to multiple regeneration, thereby able to restore its purifying activity. This is a very valuable and indispensable property.

In the process of water purification, Shungite mineral shows very high efficiency. Having bactericidal properties, it copes well with its task. A similar method was used in the early nineties. In our time, this method is becoming increasingly popular. By its properties of sorption (purification) Shungite is more effective that absorbent carbon: it costs several times cheaper and can be used for much longer.

Shungite is winning popularity in water purification. Many people and even large companies already use Shungite for to clean water and enrich it with useful properties. Above you can find a suitable Shungite for water purification.

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